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Hot rolling mill Königswinter

The Königswinter hot rolling mill is a specialised partner for the manufacture, processing and distribution of universal plate as well as punched and flame-cut parts.

For 50 years we have been producing and processing universal plate and circular blanks for the automotive sector. We have been supplying customers from the automotive, offshore, tool manufacturing, building construction and civil engineering, metalworking and mechanical engineering industries as an independent company since 2010.

On our rolling train, which is unique throughout Europe, we generate a production programme with a very broad range of dimensions for universal plate.

Our short-term production planning allows us to respond quickly to your requirements. Thanks to our individual basic materials processing, your production will be more streamlined and efficient.

We make every effort to make your production planning easier and to increase your flexibility. Reap the benefits from our quick order processing, narrowest tolerances and constant quality – even for small lot sizes.

Longer, wider, faster – our claim is also our promise to our customers.


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Wir gratulieren den stärksten Händen der WW-K !
Wir gratulieren den stärksten Händen der WW-K !
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Transformers im Warmwalzwerk Königswinter
Transformers im Warmwalzwerk Königswinter
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