Steel is the future.
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From sparklers to space rockets – steel is an integral part of our everyday lives. It doesn’t just have universal application; it is also extremely durable. No wonder that steel is so popular with architects, engineers and designers. The best thing about steel is: it’s more recyclable than any other material. The bearing on your long board may once have been used as part of a knight’s armour. Something new is always being created out of steel - thus offering the best prospects for the future.

What is the right way to apply?

You many only apply to WW-K by email. To do this we need the following documents from you:

Please send your application documents as a PDF to:

Ausbildung zum Elektroniker/-in für Betriebstechnik

Ausbildungsbeginn 01.09.2017 mit einer Ausbildungsdauer 3,5 Jahre
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Maria Steeg

Maria Steeg
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